Jussi Hallila

Talk is cheap, show me the code


Hi there!

I’m Jussi Hallila, a Finnish software engineer from Dublin, Ireland. You’ve stumbled upon my journal on all things coding. I usually write some notes for myself that I believe would be good to organize in a better way. This is mostly for my own entertainment and helping me to find the correct path to explain these concepts in my day job.

I consider myself a true full stack developer. By that I mean that my skills range from deep dark infrastructure solutions to most hipster frontend technologies and anything in between. If you find something that interests you, give me a shout and I am more than happy to talk more about it.

At $DAYJOB I usually work with Java on the backend with Spring driving most of the stack, sometimes I dabble along some microservices with Scala and Play and on the frontend I tackle the UI complexity with Vue.js and React. At home I do everything in backend either with Kotlin or node.js depending on the size of the project, frontend always seems to be React. At times to exercise different ways of thinking I play around with Haskell to keep purity on the forefront of my thought processes.